Monday, April 02, 2007

FHM Philippines April 2007 issue cover girl

Aina Gonzales choosen as cover girl of April 2007 FHM Philippine issue. Out of 10 contender in "Girls Next door Top Ten" contest Aina was the winner.

"Pero ang hirap ng mga pose" aina said. She felt tired after the photo shoot. She is confident with here body, She had no qualms about taking the top off during the pictorial.

Aina admit that she is sexy. Because sexy for her not just the physical aspect, but "the way I am, I think I am sexy. The way I hold myself in from of other people." the girl said. Yes, that really true and of course you need to be confident in everything you do.

I would say that this girl had more than the guts in herself.

This issue include the “EB Babes the next best thing on TV”, so please check it out and get the copy now.


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