Monday, March 12, 2007

Angelica in her last sexy pose

Angilica Speak out that, if it were up to her, she wants this to be the last time she’s going to be pose for a men’s magazine and this will be the last pose she will do in her sexy life. She has a sexy and beautiful frame body before her Ginebra 2007 Calendar Photo shoot. Angilica was being recognized after she finished the Star Struck.

Cover setting at Bohol in Panglao Island. Together with FHM crew, Angelica posed her best stunt for this month cover babe.

She lives on her own at a condo unit and when she’s bored, she counts the cars passing through eastwood.

Anglelica executed some of the stunts in here upcoming show and she portrayed a superhero.

When you look at her, you can feel the peace of loving in her whole life being. She has a sincere attitude in doing something that she wants to accomplish to entertain people not in the sexy way, but in the beauty of her body as a human being.

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