Wednesday, January 17, 2007

FHM 50 Sexiest Aussie Women

FHM magazines listed 92 contenders for the rival of "50 Aussie Sexiest women". But this number of contestant only 50 will be choosen to be the "Aussie Sexiest Women".

The contest include the hollywood star Naomi Watts and Toni Collete to be the representative because Nicole Kidman was excluded competition.

It has be known that Autralia is the place where you can find the wolrd's sexiest women!. Not only that they are beatiful and sexy also talented one in different field.

Among of this contenders Julia Gillard Federal Labor deput leader,includes the usual array of
soap stars and supermodels. "More than 5000 votes had been cast already in the survey with results to be released on Febuary", FHM spokeswomean said.

Not only that also the retired swimmer Giaan
rooney, Candice Falzon is known as "Ironwoman", Winter Olympics gold medallist Alisa Camplin, Mountin bider Niki Gudex, and 800m runner Tamsyn Lewis.

All readers are invited to vote for the and see more pics "50 Sexiest Aussie babes"
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