Friday, January 12, 2007

FHM stunner - a stranger

A simple hot sexy body Med student Iris Frances Tan Unexpectedly become FHM cover girl of the month. Iris is into modelling and has joined a number of beauty pageants.
During her liesure time she went to the mall. Iris eating at one of the foodchain in a mall when the staff of FHM spotted her and invited here to pose for the mag. By that, the stuff asked her number.

She is now a cover girl for January 2007 Issue. Some
of her fans requesting to move the release of her issue on Febuary 2007.

"Iris, who has never had a boyfriend, reveals the things that she looks for in a guy. This FHM babe knows that her firm behind grabs a lot of attention" source FHM.

From a total stranger, this lovely med student
became an instant FHM stunner!

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