Monday, December 11, 2006

Miss FHM 2006 Winner

Among Sixty four beautiful women with four million votes of Miss FHM 2006 Tournament of Beauties, winner a 21 year old Fort Luderdale FL pharmaceutical representative "Diana Chiafair".

Chiafair currently working as sales representative for a pharmaceutical company and still studying for the degree of Marketing. She also worked as a model. She has been boasted in the news at Miami/Ft.

Chiafair rewarded by FHM in New York City with a party at Hawaiian Tropic Zone sponsored by Jeep, Champs Sports, Old Spice Signature and Wahl. Chiafair, a gorgeous brunette, first appeared in FHM in May 2006 in the magazine's "Best Friends" feature.

infor source: FHM
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Blogger Monty Pike said...

I think she's hot.

5:02 PM  

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