Friday, January 26, 2007

FHM babe broke up with her cager BF

FHM babe Jeni Hernandez break-up with Tejada a basketball player after the accident last may 2006 during the game against Red Bull, on the replay Tejada took a bad fall that caused him to absorb the full weight of Red Bull forward Mick Pennisi. The player suffered a spinal-cord injury was now treated in United States.

During this accident, Jeni never left Tejada’s side to the life-threatening on-court accident that gave the basketball player spinal injury.
Last Sunday, January 14, tv show S-files interviewed Hernandez in a tape. Hernandez keyed what their relationship was like before they broke up.

In interview the girl said: “while I was in state… because at that time, we’re both quarrel”. Jeni continued “I was depressed for a time and I got confused. Maybe I should better off with him. He changed a lot.”

Tejada suspected that Hernandez was having a relationship with another guy. Cager in US still with a wheelchair. He continued: “I just don’t have to deal with it. The situation, in my place, is very sensitive”

But Hernandez yield that the accident might have caused the change in attitude of her former boyfriend Tejada.

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