Friday, February 09, 2007

FHM Valentines day Hotties

The State favorite CJ Miles humble down to herself during the interview on FHM. Unexpectedly CJ never intend to push herself in world of modeling. Just those, opportunity knocks her door and gives a path to sexy world. She once posted herself in Myspace. And now being the V-day hotties babe in FHM Philippine.

Lirio now 28 years old, she once stayed in the Philippines when she was four-years old. They are leaving Philippines 20 years ago together with her family members in New Jersey city US. Lirio only understand tagalog when talked to her, but she answered it in english.

MJ loves to travel. Moving away from Philippines, she went to Las Vegas to look for a better opportunity. Well, she found the beautiful polace that she wanted. She lives to wherethe wind blows her life. While spending three-months vacation here in Philippines, she let herself glint in one of the V-day hotties babe in men's magazine.

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